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1. I'm not sure what I really need for my project; can I call the District and set up a meeting to discuss?
2. What do I need to provide the District to get water service?
3. What is the difference between a walk-in service, a service agreement, and a water main extension agreement?
4. Can the District suggest a meter size or fire service size?
5. Do I need a meter for each building?
6. How long will it take for the design and installation of my new WI, SA, or WME?
7. Can I change the location of my new service, and whom should I call?
8. Will the District contact me during the design of my SA of WME?
9. Who should I call to find out the status of my water service project (WI, SA or WHE)?
10. Once the design of my project is complete, whom should I contact for installation?
11. What do I need to do to get the water turned on once the facilities are installed?