Connstance Holdaway

Board of Directors
Title: Director / Division 5
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Connstance Holdaway, Director, Division 5Connstance Holdaway, Director, Division 5

Originally appointed in 2014; Serving through 2024 
Committees: Finance, Retirement and OPEB Joint Advisory

Connstance Holdaway was appointed to the Contra Costa Water District’s Board of Directors in December 2014. She represents Division 5, which includes most of Antioch, Oakley, northern Brentwood, and the Los Vaqueros Reservoir Project’s watershed properties. She also currently serves on the Finance Committee.

A resident of Oakley, she works for a law firm as a paralegal and specializes in elder law, probate, estate planning and civil litigation. She started her legal career after studying at John F. Kennedy University and completing its Paralegal Certificate Program in 2011. In 2008, she earned a Bachelor of Science, Criminal Justice Administration, from California State University, Hayward. In May 2021, she completed her Juris Doctor (JD) degree at John F. Kennedy University.


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