1. Bringing Back the Natives Garden Tour Recap

    If you missed the Bringing Back the Natives Garden Tour in May, or you want to relive it, you can check out all the gardens featured, with photos and stats about the plants and yard size. Also, we're looking for gardens for the 2020 tour! Read the newsletter...
  2. Getting ready for pool weather?

    Let us help! Installing a pool cover can save up to 8,000 gallons of water per year, reduce up to 95% of pool water loss caused by evaporation, and reduce chemical use by up to 60%. Save up to $50!
  3. Mulch coupons available!

    Did you know? Mulch reduces the amount of water that evaporates from your soil, which means you'll be able to water less. Also, if you're planning to remove your lawn, you can sheet mulch it as an alternative to digging it up. Get the coupons.
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