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2023/2024 Water Treatment Plant Tour Field Trip Request Form

  1. About Water Treatment Plant Tour Field Trips

    • Field trips are available for 5th grade classes and a limited number of 6th grade classes at K–6 schools.
    • Field trips are about 90 minutes in length.
    • Field trips are offered on a first come, first served basis. 
    • This field trip is designed for 1 class per session.
    • Field trips are offered in person; a limited number of virtual programs are available upon request.
    • Field trips are administered by the Gardens at Heather Farm on behalf of Contra Costa Water District (CCWD).
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    Learn how to get a CCWD Water Education Program bus reimbursement of up to $350 per field trip.

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    Please note: In order to safely conduct Water Treatment Plant Tour Field Trips, each classroom is required to provide a minimum of 6 and no more than 10 adult chaperones.

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