When are your programs scheduled?
The Los Vaqueros Watershed Field Trip programs are offered Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday during the normal school year. Programs are generally not booked on Wednesdays. The Watershed Field Trip is a full four hours in length, from 9:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. If you plan to use a school district bus, do not request a program on an early release day unless you can guarantee the bus will not have to leave early.

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1. Who is eligible for the Los Vaqueros Watershed Field Trips?
2. How do I book a Watershed Field Trip?
3. When can I book a program?
4. Can I register by phone?
5. How do I know what dates are available?
6. How can I book a bus if I don’t know what date I will get?
7. Can you hold a date for me until I send in my registration form?
8. How can I register more than one class for a Los Vaqueros program?
9. How will I know that my date is confirmed?
10. When are your programs scheduled?
11. What grades can use the Los Vaqueros Watershed program?
12. How many students can participate?
13. How many adults can/should accompany the tour?
14. Where is the Los Vaqueros Watershed Field Trip conducted?
15. What support materials are provided for participating classes?
16. What if it is raining the day of our scheduled visit?
17. Is there a cost for this program?
18. Do you provide transportation?