Why is a rate increase for treated water service necessary?

The delivery of safe and reliable water requires us to make considerable investments in our water system. Two of the major reasons for the rate increase are the increasing labor costs and the rising costs to maintain the water system. Highly skilled employees with technical expertise are needed to run the complex water system. Rate increases are needed to fund employee salaries and benefits, which represents about 30% of CCWD’s costs. 

Rate increases also fund capital projects such as pipeline replacements, treatment plant upgrades and improvements to reservoirs and pump stations. Inflationary pressures continue to drive higher costs of materials, maintenance work, and construction costs. For example, the cost to purchase untreated water averages 7% annual increase. The cost of paving streets after pipeline maintenance work increased 50% last year and is anticipated to continue. CCWD is also investing in technology to enhance and protect the reliability of your water system. These investments help us avoid costly and disruptive interruptions to your water service.

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5. Why is a rate increase for treated water service necessary?
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