Why raise rates now?

CCWD completes a Ten-Year Capital Improvement Program and Financial Plan that forecasts all expenses and revenues for the upcoming 10 years. We set a budget and evaluate necessary revenues each year to meet that budget, keep increases as low as possible and to keep up with inflationary pressures. The comprehensive approach allows CCWD to prioritize capital investments, manage cash flow, and plan for the use of reserves and supplemental sources of revenue to minimize rate impacts to customers. The delivery of safe and reliable water requires CCWD to make considerable purchases of goods and services (such as treatment chemicals, energy, fuel), all of which have been subject to significant inflationary pricing increases over the past years, as well as continued annual investments to repair and replace the pipes, pumps, storage tanks and treatment facilities that bring this water to your home.

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1. How will this rate increase impact me and my bill?
2. Why raise rates now?
3. What is CCWD doing to minimize rate increases?
4. Why can’t CCWD cut costs instead of raising rates?
5. Why is a rate increase for treated water service necessary?
6. I am on a fixed income and cannot afford to pay more for water service. What can I do?
7. How can I lower my bi-monthly water bill?