What are the project objectives and benefits?

The primary objectives of the Los Vaqueros Expansion Project Phase 2 are:

  • Increase reliability of Delta water supplies for municipal, industrial and agricultural purposes.
  • Increase water supply reliability for water providers within the San Francisco Bay Area. 
  • Enhance water supply reliability and operational flexibility for environmental; water management purposes including refuge water supplies within and south of the Delta.

Project Benefits:

  • Increased water supply reliability ranging from 44,000 to 504,000 acre-feet per year in dry periods. 
  • Added emergency water supply storage for Bay Area agencies ranging from 80,000 to 120,000 acre-feet per year. 
  • Increased environmental water supply ranging from 50,000 to 790,000 acre-feet per year. 
  • Improved quality of water delivered to municipal and industrial water treatment facilities.

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1. What are the project objectives and benefits?
2. Where is the Los Vaqueros Watershed located?
3. When was the dam originally built, and when was it expanded?
4. Who owns Los Vaqueros?
5. What environmental documentation is currently available online?
6. Who are the local agency partners?
7. What are the near-term milestones?