When is payment required for Service Agreements or Water Main Extension?

The Applicant shall pay all the District’s costs reasonably incurred in connection with the new facilities required by the District, including without limitation costs incurred in complying with the provisions of the California Environmental Quality Act; costs of acquisition of lands or easements; engineering, legal, and administrative expenses; costs of labor, materials, construction, inspection, and testing; and the District’s usual overhead charges.  Prior to final design and construction of the facilities, the Applicant shall deposit with the District the amount of the District’s estimated costs per the agreements. Construction drawings will not be released until the total estimated cost is deposited.  After the work is completed, if the District’s actual costs exceed the amount previously deposited, the Applicant will pay the deficiency to the District.  If the amounts deposited exceed the District’s actual costs, the excess will be refunded (refer toDistrict Regulation 5.28.060)

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3. When is payment required for Service Agreements or Water Main Extension?
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