When do I pay the District to design my new water service?
Walk-in services have a fixed cost for installation and require one payment to initiate, design, and install the project. Service agreement and water main extension agreements, normally require at least 2 payments from the applicant. The first payment is a deposit used to initiate the design of the project. This payment is intended to bring the project through design to a level whereby the District can estimate the cost of the entire project and allow the District and the applicant to enter into a water service agreement. Occasionally, the District requires additional funds to complete complex project designs. This additional deposit may be requested prior to design completion.

The second payment is the balance of the total project cost estimate (which includes construction costs) minus the original deposit (s) required after the design is completed at issuance of the agreements for water service. Since, the District attempts to keep a positive balance for all project accounts, additional deposits may be requested throughout the project process for work beyond the anticipated scope. The applicant pays only the actual cost for the District's work and is reimbursed any unused funds at the completion of the project.

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1. When do I pay the District to design my new water service?
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