Do I need a separate meter for my ADU?

No, the District’s Code of Regulations (Section 5.32.050) stated a meter will be replaced by a meter of a different size on a customer’s request or when the District, in its sole discretion, determines that increases in water demand have occurred or will occur due to changes affecting the amount of capacity needed for the customer’s property.  In making said determination, the District will consider and evaluate factors affecting the capacity needed to meet the increases in water demand including, but not limited to:

  • Addition of an Accessory Dwelling Unit(s) determined by the District to exceed the capacity of the existing meter.
  • Addition of plumbing fixture units, determined by the District to exceed the capacity of the existing meter, in other situations through construction, conversion or expansion of the primary residence.
  • Alternate uses of the premises, which the District determines warrant the installation of a larger water meter.

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