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Los Vaqueros Reservoir and Watershed News

Posted on: October 2, 2023

Exploring Autumn Splendor at Los Vaqueros

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As the warmth of summer gradually gives way to the crispness of fall, nature enthusiasts, avid anglers, and hikers eagerly anticipate the splendid transition of weather and landscapes. The Los Vaqueros Watershed is a destination for those seeking to embrace the breathtaking beauty of the autumn season. With its captivating vistas, diverse ecosystems, and invigorating trails, Los Vaqueros offers opportunities for fall hiking, fishing, and exploration. We are also excited to announce that coffee is available again at the Marina! Read on for additional updates.

Fire Season Preparation

Over the summer, our dedicated team diligently carried out fire trail maintenance operations to ensure that we are well-prepared for the hottest months and any potential fire season that may arise. This essential work is a crucial part of our commitment to safety and responsible land management. In fact, the majority of our lands undergo regular grazing to effectively reduce fuel loads, minimizing the risk of wildfires. Additionally, for those areas not suitable for grazing, our skilled Grounds Maintenance Crews from CCWD take charge of managing them, employing their expertise to maintain a fire-resistant environment. Through these proactive measures, we continue to prioritize the safety of our community and visitors, and the preservation of our natural resources.

Fishing Update

Throughout the warmer months, we have maintained a consistent effort in the strategic planting of catfish in the reservoir. This proactive approach ensures that our aquatic ecosystems remain vibrant and stocked for the enjoyment of all anglers and outdoor enthusiasts. Looking ahead, as the seasons change and water temperatures become cooler, we eagerly anticipate resuming trout plants. Trout thrive in cooler waters, and by aligning our stocking schedule with their preferred conditions, we aim to create an optimal fishing experience for everyone. Stay tuned for updates on our trout stocking!

Wildlife Encounters

Beyond the stunning views that greet you at Los Vaqueros Watershed, this natural haven is also teeming with a rich diversity of wildlife. While hiking along its picturesque trails, keep a watchful eye for the majestic hawks that soar overhead, the inquisitive deer that graze in the meadows, and a vibrant array of bird species that call this place home. Furthermore, as the autumn season unfolds, Los Vaqueros Watershed becomes a vital rest stop for migratory birds en route to their winter sanctuaries. Witnessing the sight of these migrating flocks is an awe-inspiring spectacle you won't want to miss.

While enjoying your time at Los Vaqueros Watershed, you may come across a family of raccoons. We urge you not to feed them, as this can disrupt their natural behavior and pose potential risks. Also, please be cautious with your belongings to prevent any unwanted encounters. Your responsible behavior helps maintain the harmony between visitors and the wildlife that call this beautiful place their home.

South Entrance and Los Vaqueros Road

Please be mindful of the speed limit for the safety of both wildlife and visitors. In particular, watch out for deer crossing the roads near the gate and turkeys in the vicinity, adhering to a speed limit of 30 MPH. As you approach the Marina area, reduce your speed to 15 MPH to ensure safe navigation. Additionally, please note that safety measures are still in place on Los Vaqueros Road, marked by a stop sign. We kindly request that all visitors exercise caution and adhere to these safety guidelines. We may be working on Los Vaqueros Road improvements in late October and November – traffic updates will be shared as work plans are finalized.

Plan Your Fall Hike

Before embarking on your fall hiking adventure at Los Vaqueros, it's essential to plan ahead. Check out our Visit Los Vaqueros page for trail maps, information about parking, and any alerts related to trail conditions. Additionally, ensure you're equipped with appropriate hiking gear, such as sturdy footwear, sun protection, and plenty of water.

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