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Posted on: August 30, 2023

The Invaluable Service of Contra Costa Water District

Start Stop Service

Providing More Than Just Water

At its core, CCWD is more than just a water provider – we are a lifeline that connects communities with one of the most essential resources for life. While customers undoubtedly benefit from CCWD’s high-quality drinking water, you also benefit in knowing water is available when you need it—day or night. This assurance is not a luxury; it is a necessity that supports daily routines, sustains local businesses, and underpins public health. And it is made possible with the rates you pay every two months for water service.

Your Water System

The journey from source to tap is a complex process that requires an intricate network of infrastructure and meticulous planning. CCWD's commitment to ensuring a reliable water supply starts with the development and maintenance of a robust water system. This system, encompassing pipelines, treatment plants, storage facilities, and distribution networks, is designed to withstand various challenges, from natural disasters to changing demand patterns.

Pipeline Renewal and Replacement

To maintain this level of reliability, CCWD consistently invests in its water system. One of the primary areas of focus in our treated water system is pipeline replacement. Over time, pipelines can deteriorate due to factors like corrosion, soil movement, and age. CCWD's proactive approach involves the systematic replacement of high-risk pipelines to prevent leaks, breaks, and disruptions in service. By staying ahead of these challenges, CCWD ensures that customers continue to receive high-quality water without interruption.

Big Infrastructure Investments

Beyond pipelines, CCWD also undertakes the upgrading of larger infrastructure components. Treatment plants play a pivotal role in delivering safe and clean drinking water. By investing in advanced treatment technologies and facility enhancements, CCWD meets current regulatory standards and stays prepared for emerging contaminants and evolving water quality issues. 

We’re also making large investments in the backbone of our water delivery system, the Contra Costa Canal. The 90-year-old canal delivers every drop of water that will eventually reach your home. The aging facility is increasingly costly to operate and maintain. Investments now will ensure continued reliable service for generations to come. This dedication to continuous improvement safeguards the health and well-being of the communities we serve.

Innovative Technology

In addition to the physical infrastructure, CCWD invests in cutting-edge technologies and monitoring systems. These innovations enable real-time monitoring of water quality, flow rates, and system performance. By harnessing data-driven insights, CCWD can proactively identify potential issues, optimize operations, and respond swiftly to any anomalies. This proactive approach minimizes disruptions and ensures that customers have consistent access to safe, reliable water.

Value of Service

The value of CCWD's service extends beyond the functional aspects of water delivery. It underscores a commitment to community well-being, economic stability, and environmental stewardship. These investments in reliable water service are funded with the rates you already pay for water. Thank you for investing in reliable water for today and tomorrow.

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