Water Awareness Youth Art Contest

Illustrate the importance of water in your life and be featured in our 2021 calendar!

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Did you know that Contra Costa Water District provides water for more than 500,000 people? On average, we treat nearly 40 million gallons of water per day to be used for drinking and washing, growing lawns and food, filling swimming pools and putting out fires.

Water Facts

  • Tap water costs about a penny per gallon.
  • Tap water is required to meet strict health requirements to ensure it is clean and safe to drink.
  • About half of all residential water use is outdoors.

Think about it... How would your life be different without tap water?

See details below or view our Calendar Contest Flyer (PDF) for a printable version. For more information about this contest, send an email to osymonds@ccwater.com.

  1. What to enter
  2. Prizes
  3. Entry Period
  4. Contest Rules
  5. How to enter
  6. Selection Procedure

What to enter

Your original artwork on a single, horizontal 8.5-inch by 11-inch piece of paper. Challenge yourself to learn about your public drinking water system! We’re looking for entries that illustrate:

  • How you and your family use tap water
  • How your community uses tap water
  • How you use tap water efficiently
  • Where your tap water comes from
  • How your tap water is treated