Los Vaqueros Expansion Funding Application

State and Federal Funding

The recent drought and passage of Proposition 1 have made it clear that there is broad interest for water storage projects in California. The competitive process to award state funding is coming together quickly, and the California Water Commission is planning to make initial funding awards in 2018.

Los Vaqueros is one of the original CALFED surface storage projects included in the CALFED Record of Decision (April 2000). Funding for initial studies was provided by both the California Department of Water Resources and the Bureau of Reclamation.

The Bureau of Reclamation, the long-term federal partner on the project, is providing funding for the ongoing Federal Feasibility Study evaluating potential benefits for wildlife refuge supply, a high priority ecosystem need. CCWD is working with key federal legislators to ensure continued federal funding for completion of the feasibility work.  

The Los Vaqueros Reservoir Expansion Project aligns with state and federal storage objectives and the project has the potential to receive both state and federal funds for project implementation.

Local Funding

The Contra Costa Water District is working closely with a diverse group of local potential partners. These agencies are evaluating potential participation in the project to help strengthen their water supply portfolios to better manage droughts, emergencies, climate change and regulatory challenges that limit other supplies. All of these agencies, in addition to CCWD, are providing funding and in-kind services to support completion of the Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement/Environmental Impact Report and the California Water Commission funding application.

Potential Local Partners:

Potential Project Partners Map (PDF)

LVE Potential Project Partners Map