Treated Water Customer 2020 Rate Proposal

What You Need to Know…

  • The proposed rate adjustment needed for an average single-family residential customer using 260 gallons per day is an increase of $3.57 per month.
  • Water flowing from the tap 24/7 is about $0.01 per gallon.
  • Any changes to rates and charges will become effective February 1, 2020.
  • We remain committed to investing in your water system to ensure our customers continue to receive safe, high-quality water.
  • We strive to provide exceptional service at affordable rates.

The tables below show a comparison of current and proposed rates. Also, see how the 2020 Water Rate Proposal will affect you with our Treated Water Rate Estimator

For more detailed information, see the Prop 218 Notice Treated Water Customers Letter (PDF).

How will the 2020 Water Rate Proposal affect you?

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  1. Quantity Charges
  2. Daily Charges
  3. Backflow Prevention Charges

Quantity Charges

Quantity charges are based on actual usage in units. A unit of water is equivalent to 748.05 gallons or one hundred cubic feet (HCF).

Usage is for the cost of source water delivery, treatment and distribution for water used during a billing period.

Energy is for the cost to pump treated water to various elevation zones.

Quantity ChargesCurrent ($/unit)Proposed
up to ($/unit)
Usage Charge$ 4.5877$ 4.8434
Energy Charge*
Zone 1$ 0.0638$ 0.0801
Zone 2$ 0.1584$ 0.2070
Zone 3$ 0.2386$ 0.2992
Zone 4$ 0.3084$ 0.3926
Zone 5$ 0.4117$ 0.5093
Zone 6$ 0.5497$ 0.6862
Zone 7$ 0.7046$ 0.8911
Zone 8$ 0.9774$ 1.3648

*Energy charge increases due to PG&E cost increases