2019 Rate Updates for Treated Water Customers

Rate Structure Changes and 2019 Rate Increases

In 2018, the District conducted the annual rate review along with an independent, comprehensive analysis of its treated and untreated water service to evaluate rate structure changes. Doing both at once is the most cost-effective and transparent approach. See Current Rates based on these approved changes.

How do the changes impact my water bill? 

Please refer to your water bill for the charges that apply to you, your meter size, energy zone and water usage. You may also reach our customer service staff at 925-688-8044 from 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Customer Service

Information below walks through both the rate structure changes and the rate adjustment separately, and then brings them together to show you the cumulative approved changes.

Water Treatment Plant

What You Need to Know…

  • Changes to our rate structure as well as a rate adjustment for 2019 were approved on January 2, 2019.
  • For an average residential customer, these changes amount to a cumulative increase of $9.39 per bi-monthly billing cycle as of February 1, 2019.
  • Water flowing from the tap 24/7 is still less than a penny per gallon.
  • We remain committed to investing in your water system to ensure our customers continue to receive safe, high-quality water.
  • We strive to provide exceptional service at affordable rates.
  1. Rate Structure Changes
  2. Annual Rate Adjustment
  3. Putting it all together

1) Rate Structure Changes

Your water bill is determined based on what it costs to serve water to your home or business. Due to state requirements under Proposition 218, and the changing water use trends driven by the recent drought, we need to reassess our rate structure.

  • We worked with an independent consultant to ensure proper allocation of costs among customers and develop the Final Administrative Record for Rate Structure Analysis (PDF). Our rate structure changes align water rates with the cost of your water service, nothing more.
  • These structural changes only affect how rates and charges are allocated on the bill; they do not result in additional funds for the District overall.
  • With the rate structure changes, some customers’ bills may go down, while others will go up depending on their service.


Renaming Two Charges – The Readiness to Serve (Svc/Demand) Charge now incorporates public fire protection and is now called Service Charge. The Water Consumption Charge is now called Usage Charge.

Resetting Zone Charges – Pumping water to customers in higher elevations requires more energy. With this change, zone charges will be reset for customers, so that they only pay their share of the energy cost required to deliver water to their home or business.

Fire Protection Charges – Adequate fire protection for all customers is paramount and maintaining the larger facilities that provide that protection is critical as well.

  • Public fire protection charges are being incorporated into the daily service charge, rather than listing them as a separate charge. The charges have been updated to more accurately reflect the cost of providing this important service at approximately 2¢ a day.
  • Private fire protection charges have been updated to ensure that every customer with a private fire protection system pays their fair share by distributing costs by meter size which determines the water usage capacity. These additional private fire service lines are primarily for commercial and large public buildings.

Elimination of the Excess Use Charge – Due to changes in state law, we must remove the excess use charge, which increased the rate for customers who exceeded their budgeted water allocation.

Backflow Prevention Maintenance Charges – Customers with backflow prevention devices will see changes to their bill to reflect the cost of the necessary annual testing, repairs and periodic replacement of these devices. For private fire service, the flat rate charge for the backflow prevention device is replaced with a charge based on its size.