New Amazing LV Photos from Steve Goodall

LV Bald Eagle 2 a

After several frustrating attempts to shoot photos of animals at Los Vaqueros from the trails, Oakland-based Outdoor Photographer Steve Goodall decided to try another tactic.

"The birds were always flying out toward the water or in the trees in the water," he said.  "I wanted to see if I could get closer."

During the heat of early September, 2017, he rented 16-foot boats on two trips to Los Vaqueros. 

It was a very good idea. "I was like a kid at Christmas," he said about his time at LV. "Every time I turned around there was something to shoot."  

Steve has been shooting photos -- or "frozen moments" as he calls them - for 10 years, In addition to animals, he likes to shoot sports.  "Photographing nature gives me the opportunity to let people see the beauty in animals as well as the places that protect these animals. Hopefully by seeing this beauty, they will help conserve what mother nature has given us."

He uses a Cannon camera and a 100-400 mm zoom lens. His favorite subject from LV is the bald eagle. "This was the bird that I was seeking the most. There are not many around this area and to have them sit and pose while I was on the boat was breathtaking to me. I still don't know why there were so patient and did not fly away immediately."

The striper photo came when a "boil" cropped up near his boat as the stripers were feeding on small fish. "It was thrilling to watch and very hard to focus not knowing when and where the next one would clear the water."

You can see more of his outstanding photos from Los Vaqueros here & here. As well as in the slide show below.

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