Pool Cover Rebate

a road going through a valleyDid you know that a pool cover can save as much water as a similarly sized lawn uses in an entire year?

Pool Cover Benefits

  • Installing a pool cover can save up to 8,000 gallons of water per year
  • Reduce up to 95% of pool water loss caused by evaporation
  • Reduce chemical use by up to 60%


Rebates are available for residential properties within the CCWD Retail and Wholesale Service Area.

Rebate Amount

Rebate amount is 100% of the cost of a qualifying pool cover up to a maximum of $50, not including sales tax, labor, or shipping. Limit one rebate per property for the life of the program.

Terms & Conditions

To receive a rebate, applicants must adhere to the Pool Cover Rebate Terms & Conditions.

Qualifying Pool Covers

Rebates are for newly purchased covers specifically designed for pools and intended to prevent evaporative water loss. The purchased pool cover must seal and enclose at least 75% of the pool's water surface to qualify for a rebate.

  • Qualifying pool covers include: Solar covers, disk covers, and sealed covers impermeable to water.
  • Non-qualifying pool covers include: Secondhand covers, unsealed mesh covers permeable to water, chemical/ liquid covers, winter pool covers and spa covers.

Where to Purchase

Pool covers can be purchased anywhere as long as they meet the program Terms and Conditions.

How to Apply?

  1. Read the Program Terms & Conditions.
  2. Purchase and install a qualifying Pool Cover per the Program Terms & Conditions. Your pool cover must be installed before you submit your application to CCWD.
  3. Take pictures of the installed pool cover.
  4. Have a digital copy of your sales receipt or take a picture of it. 
  5. Complete the Online Application and upload your sales receipt and a picture of the installed pool cover. Rebate check will be processed in 6-8 weeks.


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