Rain Gardens & Rainwater Harvesting

Most years, Contra Costa County gets a decent amount of rainfall. The rain that falls on your home and garden is a free supply of water that can save you money and protect our water supply. Each gallon you capture and use on your property is a gallon that doesn’t need to come from our limited water supplies. It’s simple to capture rainwater. Don’t let your rainwater go down the drain. Start saving today with a rain garden or with rainwater harvesting.

rain garden

Rain Gardens

A rain garden moves rainwater collected from your roof or driveway to a low area in your garden allowing it time to soak into the soil. The soil beneath your garden is like a giant sponge, storing water for your plants and reducing the amount you need to run your sprinklers or drip irrigation during the summer.

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Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater harvesting collects and stores rainwater from your rooftop in barrels or cisterns to use later for irrigation. The more storage you have, the more plants you can water later.

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