Why Upgrade Your Commercial Clothes Washers?

S Reduce unnecessary service calls, plumber callouts, and machine downtime.

S  Reduce maintenance and repair costs.

S  Improve customer and tenant satisfaction by providing reliable, effective, efficient, and environmentally friendly clothes washers.

S  Save a significant amount of money on utility bills by choosing EnergyStar.

S  Demonstrate environmental stewardship to prospective customers and tenants.

S  Your tenants will be able to wash larger items instead of having to go offsite, thus increasing revenues.

S  Energy Star Certified commercial washers are highly effective at cleaning and lessen unnecessary wear on clothes compared to standard top loading washers with an agitator.

S  Make a difference and save water by making an investment in water-use efficiency.

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Tried and True Testimonials

These testimonials are from other Contra Costa Water District property owners and property managers about the reasons why they chose to upgrade:

Gretchen – Property Manager – Vista Del Monte Mobile Home Park, Concord

It was nice to have a rebate and nice new machines. They have been good sturdy and reliable machines. We wanted our residents to be happy. We are very happy with the choice. They have been so trouble free. The residents like them. There was an adjustment period, but they have operated really well and have lasted a long time. It was new technology and we wanted our residents to like their product and to like their laundry facilities. We had people coming in from other areas to use the machines; other apartment’s tenants came to use our machines! We wanted good reliable equipment. Reliability was really important. The toploaders seemed like they were breaking all the time and had more service calls throughout their useful life. The rebate definitely made it worthwhile.

Gail – Property Manager – Kirkwood II HOA

1. How have these high efficiency frontloading machines performed for you and your tenants?

We have had no complaints. Not one complaint! With no complaints, I would say they love them. We had more service calls with the toploaders than the frontloaders. With toploaders, it’s easier to overfill and cause problems and get stuck in a cycle due to overfilling or cause the machine to burn out or belts break. We have had a few service calls with the frontloaders, but mainly due to power outages.  They’ve performed very well.  I’ve been in this industry for 16 years and I can say that with frontloaders I have not had complaints.

2. What major factors led to your decision to upgrade from toploading machines to frontoading machines? 

Because as machines get older, we start to get machines needing to be serviced. They are to be replaced every 5 years in the contract. We want the high efficiency and high energy saving washers. They interact with your smartphone with new technology. We absolutely wanted to save water. We always want to conserve energy and water and conserve association funds.

3. Did machine revenue increase or decrease as a result of upgrading?

Collections have stayed the same between switching didn’t notice an increase or decrease in incomes.

4.  Why did you upgrade?

When doing our budgets for the HOA, we know there will be an energy and water increase, we look at PGE and water. There was a financial incentive in replacing to HIGH efficiency washers. And, of course, CCWD’s Rebate Program was a big push.