Cybersecurity and Enterprise Systems


With more technology being used to provide safe and reliable water service to customers, cybersecurity is a high priority. We consider cybersecurity to be of utmost importance to protect customer and employee information, as well as maintain integrity of water operations. We are committed to maintain an Information Security program based on national standards and best practices to protect this critical service to our community. This program is reviewed, audited and updated on an on-going basis to address the ever-changing landscape of cyber threats.

Enterprise Systems

In 2015, Senate Bill 272 was signed into state law requiring public agencies to list “enterprise systems” used to store public data. As of July 1, 2016, CCWD is required to post the table below which lists this applications and systems used to collect, store, exchange, and analyze information that is both:

  1. A multi-departmental system or a system that contains information collected about the public
  2. and a system of record (meaning that it is an original source of data within an agency)

CCWD is posting this list in compliance with Government Code section 6270.5 under the California Public Records Act.

VendorProductSystem PurposeCategoriesCustodianFrequency Data is CollectedFrequency Data is Updated
MicrosoftExchange, SharePoint, OfficeEmail System, Document/database managementElectronic Mail, Documents, reports, spreadsheets, presentations, databases with contact informationInformation TechnologyDailyDaily
First AmericanData TreeProperty InformationContra Costa, Alameda, and San Joaquin Counties Parcel DataInformation TechnologyAnnuallyAnnually
ProgenixxCBISBillingCustomer InformationFinanceDailyDaily
Central SquareFinance EnterpriseFinancial ManagementGeneral Ledger, Budgeting, Purchasing, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Cash CollectingFinanceDailyDaily
ATLLaboratory Information Management System (LIMS)Water quality testing at specific addresses
Water quality monitoring

Operations and MaintenanceDailyDaily
Microsoft SQLComputerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS)Asset and plant maintenance, GISManagement of assets for maintenanceOperations and MaintenanceDailyDaily
Websoft Developers 
CMMS/Electronic Logbook
Workflow and 
asset management
Operations and MaintenanceDailyDaily
TRMMaximoCMMSWorkflow and 
asset management
Operations and MaintenanceDailyDaily
Aquatic InformaticsSedaruCMMSWorkflow and 
asset management
Operations and MaintenanceDailyDaily
EsriArcGISGeographic InformationArcGIS for Server, ArcViewEngineeringDailyDaily
AutodeskAutoCADRecord DrawingsRecord Drawings, Water services designEngineeringDailyDaily
SpatialwaveField MappletGeographic InformationWork management system for USA LocateEngineeringDailyDaily
PlanetBidsPB SystemeProcurement
Vendor Management
Bid Management
Online Procurement
NEOGOVInsight, PEOnline employment application and tracking, Online employee performance managementEmployment, job openings, performance evaluationsHuman Resources and RiskDailyDaily
MyCOIMyCOIVendor insurance databaseInsuranceHuman Resources and RiskDailyDaily
EPICORHRISHuman Resources Information SystemPersonnel RecordsHuman Resources and RiskDailyDaily