Current Rates

Water Rates and Charges

CCWD’s water rates are calculated to collect sufficient funds to operate and maintain your water system. See the District’s Code of Regulations Title 5 Water Supply and Rates (PDF) for full details.

Below are current water rates for treated water and untreated water customers, effective February 1, 2021 - January 31, 2022.

Treated Water Rates and Charges

  1. Quantity Charges
  2. Daily Charges
  3. Backflow Prevention Charges

Quantity Charges

Quantity charges are based on actual usage in units. A unit of water is equivalent to 748.05 gallons or one hundred cubic feet (HCF).

Usage is for the cost of source water delivery, treatment and distribution for water used during a billing period. The current rate for Usage is less than one cent per gallon.

Energy is for the cost to pump treated water to various elevation zones.

Energy ChargeCurrent ($/unit)
Zone 1$ 0.0873
Zone 2$ 0.2184
Zone 3$ 0.3262
Zone 4$ 0.4042
Zone 5$ 0.5317
Zone 6$ 0.7173
Zone 7$ 0.9340
Zone 8$ 1.3805
Usage ChargeCurrent ($/unit)
Usage Charge$ 5.0144

Untreated Water Rates and Charges

  1. Unmetered Landscape Irrigation
  2. Municipal, Industrial, and...
  3. Agricultural Irrigation

Unmetered Landscape Irrigation

Landscape Irrigation -
Unmetered Customers
Service Charge ($/year)$ 89.57
Usage Charge ($/0.05 acre)$ 131.13
Demand Charge ($/0.05 acre)$ 36.73