Conservation Resources for Businesses

The Contra Costa Water District wants to help businesses and their customers use water efficiently and is offering the following free of charge: 

Bathroom Mirror Decals

Bathroom mirror decals gently remind your customers and employees to conserve water. The decals are in English and Spanish.

The ‘cling-stick’ material easily attaches and removes from mirrors with no residue.

Size: 4.25 width x 5.25 height in white colored cling material

There are two versions of the decal:

a. (link to pdf) - Bathroom Mirror Decal -most commercial businesses,

b. (link to pdf) - Bathroom Mirror Decal - designed for most multi-family common areas, gyms and hotels.


Toilet Leak Detection Dye Tablets

Fixing leaks is the surest way to water savings!

Businesses which have traditional tank-type toilets can use these dye tablets to test for toilet leaks.


Free Pre-Rinse Dishwashing Sprayer

Save 15-30% in water, energy, and sewer, costs and clean dishes better by using high velocity, low volume, pre-rinse dishwashing sprayer. For program information, send us an email or call 925-688-8234.
 Pre-Rinse Dishwashing Sprayer
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