Open or Close an Account

Open an Account

A water service account can be opened during business hours by calling 925-688-8000.

There is a fee for opening a new account that covers administrative expenses for setting up the account in your name. This fee is charged each time you change addresses within the District. Note: We bill bi-monthly, so please expect to receive your first bill within 2 months.

What is Needed

  • Full name and date of birth
  • Address of new account
  • Whether you own or are renting your residence
  • Email address and telephone numbers (home, mobile and work)
  • 24-hours notice is required

Please note: You can only open an account in your own name. You may not establish an account for another person.

Under normal circumstances, no deposit (other than the non-refundable new account fee) is required of residential customers (see Reestablishing Credit for the instance in which a deposit will be required).

If the water at your new address is off and a District employee must come out to turn it back on, your presence may be required. There is no charge for this service if performed during regular weekday working hours. However, if this service must be performed after regular working hours, or on a weekend or holiday, there will be a charge to cover the overtime required.

Close an Account

A water service account can be closed during business hours by calling 925-688-8000.

There is no charge for closing an account.

What is Needed

  • Full name
  • Account number
  • Address of account
  • Forwarding address for your closing bill
  • When you want service discontinued
  • 24-hours notice is required

Reestablishing Credit

If your water service has been discontinued for non-payment and you wish to reestablish your service, the following may be required:

  • A $50 minimum deposit (refundable after one year of satisfactory credit)
  • A $74 collection fee ($37 for turning the water off and $37 for turning it back on)
  • Payment of all outstanding balances

If you have questions about credit or notices, call 925-688-8040.

More information about non-payment.