Water Rates

Water Rates for 2023

Part of providing sustainable water service is conducting an annual review of water rates and charges. Water rates are increased only in an amount necessary to pay for the purchase, treatment, transport, and delivery of safe, high-quality, and reliable water to your home or business, and for the employees needed to sustain a complex water system.

Water rate adjustments for 2023 will generate a 7.0% revenue increase for treated water service and a 5.0% increase for untreated water service and support the following priorities to ensure your water system remains sound:

  • Meet the rising costs of operating the water system: The costs of purchased water, treatment chemicals, fuel, energy, and facilities maintenance continue to increase resulting from the surge in inflation which is the highest we’ve experienced in decades. The higher operating costs are balanced with adjustments to the timing of planned capital work to deliver a proposed revenue increase consistent with the 10-Year Financial Plan. The District strives to manage costs, while focusing on reliable water service and affordable water rates.
  • Replace aging water infrastructure: Reliable water service requires continued investment in the replacement of aging canals, pipes, and other critical facilities for current and future needs. Implementing well planned and timely investments as identified in the District’s 10-year capital improvement plan is our responsibility as your water provider to ensure a reliable supply of water and to protect the public health for our community. 
  • Maintain financial stability: Annual rate adjustments combined with use of reserves provide the funding necessary to sustain quality operations and service.

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