Bette Boatmun Conservation Garden

The Bette Boatmun Conservation Garden is a living example of diverse and colorful landscaping that is water efficient. The Conservation Garden is one of 78 Demonstration Gardens in California recognized by the Water Education Foundation, the Bureau of Reclamation and the California Urban Water Conservation Council.

District Center - Bette Boatmun Garden

Garden Design

Located at our District Center in Concord, the Conservation Garden was designed specifically without a lawn to demonstrate the beauty and efficiency of water-wise landscaping. Landscape Architect Donna Breedlove originally designed the garden in 1991. Since then, the Conservation Garden has evolved and now includes 50 different species of plants. Pathways wind through the one-acre garden of natives, exotic shrubs and perennials. Plants were selected for their suitability to the local climate and soil, as well as for being low maintenance.

Bette Boatmun Garden Plant
Bette Boatmun Garden Purple Flower
Bette Boatmun Garden Yellow Flower

Director Bette Boatmun  

The garden was named after longtime Director Bette Boatmun in 2014. She first joined the Board in 1974 and continues to serve. She is the longest-serving member of the board.

Director Boatmun has been a trailblazer for women in leadership positions in water agencies. She served as president of the Contra Costa Water District from 1990 to 1992 and president of the Association of California Water Agencies from 2002 to 2004.

Director Bette Boatmun

Bette Boatmun, Director, Division 4