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Commercial Rebate Programs

  • Commercial Water Survey - CCWD offers free technical assistance to commercial, industrial and institutional customers to operate water more efficiently. Water efficiency can reduce business costs.
  • Multi-Family & Commercial Washer Rebate ProgramThe Multi-Family & Commercial Clothes Washer Rebate Program provides a rebate of up to $450 to help CCWD service area customers purchase or lease qualified Energy Star Certified commercial clothes washers.
  • Commercial Flushometer Toilet and Urinal Rebate Program - CCWD is offering its commercial customers up to a $400 rebate per fixture to replace older inefficient flushometer-valve toilets and urinals. This opportunity is available for a limited time. Act today while funding is available.
  • Commercial Irrigation Equipment Rebates - The District offers rebates on a select number of irrigation equipment on commercial, homeowner association and public agency sites. Improved equipment can reduce water waste and improve landscape appearance and health.
Free Pre-Rinse Dishwashing Sprayer
Save 15-30% in water, energy, and sewer, costs and clean dishes better by using high velocity, low volume, pre-rinse dishwashing sprayer. For program information, send us an email or call 925-688-8234.
Pre-Rinse Dishwashing Sprayer