Commercial Water Use Evaluation

Water Use Evaluations for Commercial Customers

To help identify potential water saving opportunities and efficiency improvements, we offer free professional water use evaluations to all Commercial customers, including industrial and institutional customers, within our retail and wholesale service area.

The benefits of incorporating water efficiency upgrades are decreased operating costs through a reduction in water, energy, and potentially sewer charges. Commercial customers who have followed our recommendations have seen a return on their investment in as little as a year.

You can request an evaluation of your property’s interior water use, landscape water use, or both.

During the evaluation, our trained staff will: 

  • Review the property’s water use and discuss water reduction goals
  • Provide an evaluation of the building water use by assessing appliances, fixtures, and equipment
  • Recommend upgrades, improvements, and best management practices to improve interior and landscape water use efficiency
  • Provide free water-efficient aerators, showerheads, and toilet leak detection dye tablets
  • Recommend applicable rebate incentives
  • Review irrigated landscaping and provide a suggested watering schedule

Request a Water Use Evaluation

Water use evaluations are offered Monday through Friday. Time required to conduct the evaluation varies by the size and variety of the property’s water uses. To request a free Water Use Evaluation, email Conservation or call 925-688-8320. Please provide the following details:

  • The address of the property
  • A description of the property
  • Any specific concerns you’d like us to cover during the evaluation

Commercial Water Use Resources

The WaterSmart Guidebook (PDF), produced by East Bay Municipal Utility District, is a Water Use Efficiency Plan and Review Guide that provides information on water-saving technologies currently available to the commercial, industrial, and institutional sectors.