Livestock Grazing

We graze cattle seasonally at the Los Vaqueros Watershed to manage habitat, which helps minimize wildfire risk and promotes biodiversity. Seeing cattle along the trails might give you pause, so here are some tips to feel comfortable if you see a cow on the trail.

  • Close and latch gates properly when passing through on trails.Cattle grazing at Los Vaqueros
  • If a cow is on the trail, approach slowly. In most cases, they keep to themselves and move away when you approach. If they don’t move away on their own, provide a wide berth.
  • If you see a stray calf, leave it alone. Be careful not to get between a mother cow and young calves.
  • If a cow shows any signs of aggression, give it space and provide a wide berth.
  • If you encounter a cow that is acting in a threatening manner, or appears to be injured or sick, please note the location and any other details about the animal, and report it to staff on site, or call the Marina at 925-371-2628 or Watershed Office at 925-240-2360.

Watch the video below from UC Agriculture and Natural Resources livestock experts on how to safely share open space with cows on the trail.