Smart Irrigation Controller Rebate

We offer rebates as an incentive for customers to purchase and install Smart SprinklerIrrigation Controllers. It is estimated that up to 50% of the water applied to landscapes is wasted due to incorrect controller settings and infrequent adjusting of those settings. Smart Irrigation Controllers adjust the watering schedule automatically as the weather changes.


This rebate is available for single family residential properties within our service area.

We also offer a commercial and multi-family irrigation equipment rebate.

Rebate Amount

The rebate is $12 per active (used) irrigation station (zone) up to 50% of the list cost of the controller(s). Limit one rebate per customer per address. For example, if you purchase a smart irrigation controller and you have seven irrigation stations (zone), the rebate would be $84 - (12 x 7) or 50% of the list price, whichever is less.

Limit one controller rebate per customer per address without pre-approval. Multiple controllers per address may be allowed on a case-by-case basis. Pre-approval is required.

Terms & Conditions

To receive a rebate, applicants must adhere to the Single Family Smart Irrigation Controller Rebate Program Terms and Conditions. Please read these before applying.

WaterSense LogoQualifying Smart Controllers

Qualified Smart Irrigation Controllers must be EPA WaterSense labeled. Look for the EPA WaterSense label on the box or cover of the Smart Irrigation Controller(s) you purchase. Search for EPA WaterSense products and view a list of smart irrigation controllers we've provided rebates for in the past two years. For Smart Irrigation Controllers without the EPA WaterSense label, contact us for approval prior to purchase.

Ensuring Savings and Plant Health

Adjusting standard settings may be necessary to achieve water savings and ensure plant health. Standard Smart Controller setting options may not reflect your site's conditions, irrigation system, or plant water needs. Contra Costa Water District can provide assistance in making needed adjustments, but the customer must look for and identify signs of over or under watering. 

Many controllers have standard settings that provide ample water for the conditions you select. Your landscape may be currently receiving less water than these settings will apply. Plant health and soil conditions should be observed before installing a smart controller and adjustments made to the settings if lush plant growth or wetter than normal soil are noticed to ensure that additional or over watering does not occur. 

Where to Purchase

Smart Irrigation Controllers can be purchased wherever irrigation controllers are sold. Remember to look for the WaterSense Label before you purchase to confirm the controller qualifies for the rebate.

How to Apply

  1. Read the Program Smart Irrigation Controller Terms & Conditions.
  2. Purchase, install and program the Smart Irrigation Controller(s) so automatic schedule adjustments occur to match changes in local weather and landscape conditions.
  3. Complete the Rebate Application and mail or email it in along with a copy of the Smart Irrigation Controller sales receipt. Please make sure to have your Smart Controller(s) installed and programmed before submitting your application to us. Keep a copy of the Application and your receipt for your records.

    Email or mail the completed Application and sales receipt to:

    Contra Costa Water District
    Rebate Program
    PO Box H2O
    Concord, CA 94524

  4. We will contact you to schedule an inspection. Once the inspection is completed, we will process the rebate check. 
  5. Rebate checks usually processed and mailed in 4-6 weeks.