Delta Region Water Quality Management Plan

In 2004, the CALFED Bay-Delta Program commissioned development of regional drinking water quality management plans to:

  • Identify the drinking water quality issues and needs of drinking water agencies in different regions of California
  • Develop solutions to address those needs

This Delta Region Drinking Water Quality Management Plan (DRDWQMP) (PDF) was developed jointly by Contra Costa Water District, the City of Stockton, and Solano County Water Agency.


These 3 agencies represent the largest urban water users within the Delta region. The objectives of the DRDWQMP include:

  • Developing projects and programs at the local, regional, and statewide level to address these issues and to ensure that in-Delta agencies can meet their water quality goals in the future
  • Identifying challenges and issues confronting agencies diverting water from the Delta
  • Understanding existing and future water quality conditions at the urban intakes within the Delta
Delta Region Water Quality Management Plan Cover