Troubleshoot Water at Your Tap

We take great pride in delivering a product that exceeds all drinking water standards set by state and federal governments. Sometimes, however, you may notice a change in the water at your tap. The information below summarizes the most common causes of issues our customers have related to their water quality. These issues are categorized by taste and odor, color or appearance, and particles in water.

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Contact Us

Please always feel free to call our Water Quality Hotline at 925-688-8156 or contact us via email for assistance.

If you are experiencing any symptoms of illness, we recommend contacting your personal physician.

Before you Call

When you contact us, we will likely ask some of the questions below to help troubleshoot the issue. It is helpful if you have the answers to these questions before you call us:

  • How long have you noticed the problem?
  • Are your neighbors experiencing the same problem?
  • Do you notice the problem at some or all of the inside faucets?
  • Do you notice the issue at the outside front hose bib?
  • Do you notice the problem when you use the cold water, hot water, or both?
  • Do you notice it when you first turn on the water or does it occur continuously?
  • Do you know what type of pipes you have (i.e., copper, galvanized iron)?
  • Do you have any home treatment devices (i.e., water softener, point-of-use activated carbon filter)?
  • Have you noticed any work on the drinking water system in the area?