Oak Savannah, Badger Pass trails

  • Distance: 6.6 miles
  • Terrain: Hilly, one steep hill
  • Highlights: View of reservoir at halfway point, restroom.
  • Trailhead: Start at Marina (JPG)
  • Recommendation: Bring water, and some snacks. See the map on the back of this page
  • Hike Review Date: March 16, 2013

Memorable Views
This walk rewards hikers with a memorable view of the reservoir at the halfway point, and a feeling of being in the wilderness with quiet and peaceful stretches. Take a look on the Badger Pass Trail Map (JPG).

For Los Vaqueros, famous for plenty of tough trails within its nearly 20,000 acres, this trail has only 1 really steep portion, way back at the halfway portion on the Badger Trail. But there are lots of rolling hills along the way.

This is the view looking down Badger Trail just after the half-way point
The top of the Oak Savannah Trail rewards hikers with a spectacular view
Start at the Marina and head north on the gravel Los Vaqueros Trail, crossing the "Rock Wall" and staying to the left and heading up. The trail is curvy and hilly here, most of it is asphalt and gravel. As you drop into a valley near Cowboy Cove, the trail veers to the left and curves around the valley.

Stay on the trail as it hooks back toward the reservoir. On the plain, you’ll see a marker for the Oak Savannah trail. Head to the left into the large canyon. You’ll travel about a mile. When you are near a small marsh, look for the Badger Pass trail that will take you toward the reservoir. Many hikers miss this turn!The trail maker is almost hidden, to your left.

Head up to the right on the dirt trail and you'll go between the huge dead oak trees and up the trail. This is the steepest climb on the trail, but is worth it with a view of the reservoir’s Peninsula Cove. Follow the trail down to the right. There is a rest room and a picnic table at the bottom of this hill.

Los Vaqueros Trail
Go to the right and back onto the Los Vaqueros Trail. This downhill walk is 1 of the most quiet and pleasant at Los Vaqueros. You can also hike up the Peninsula Crest Trail. There are picnic tables at the top of this trail.

Taking the complete Peninsula Crest Trail will add about 2.5 miles to your hike At the bottom of the canyon, turn to your right and retrace your way back to the Marina.