Free Water Conservation Devices

You can receive these devices when you have a free Home Water Use Survey. Or you can pick up the items at no charge from the CCWD Water Conservation Office.
Earth 2-Flow Soak & Soap
Massage Showerhead - 9-jet turbo massage, fully adjustable spray with on/off toggle switch. Self-cleaning and maintenance-free. High-impact ABS thermoplastic body.
Dual-setting 2-Flow Kitchen Aerator With Swivel
Swivel action for effective cleaning, both with aerated jet and wide spray, and full flow and easy touch flow restrictor.
Aerator Device
Bathroom Faucet Aerator
Flows at only 1.5 gallons per minute, but delivers the force of gallons more. Easy to install.
Bathroom Aerator Device
Hose Nozzle
Sturdy, metal and plastic body, 6 spray patterns:
  • Cone
  • Flat
  • Jet
  • Mist
  • Shower
  • Soaker
6-Pattern Hose Nozzle
Dye Tablets
Drop these blue dye tablets into your toilet tank to check for toilet leaks. The packet has 2 tablets.
Tablet Packets