Los Vaqueros Trail Guides

There are more than 60 miles of hiking trails at Los Vaqueros. Check out options below for details about the terrain, distance, and more.

Trail Guides

Hiking Tips


The weather at Los Vaqueros is often very different from the Bay Area or the Valley. It can get quite hot during summer months, so it’s best to start a hike early in the morning. During the winter, trails can be muddy and sometimes impassable if there is heavy rain. Check Weather Conditions to see updated weather information.


There is no drinking water on any of the trails at Los Vaqueros, so please remember to bring plenty of water for your trip, and some snacks as well. Bottled water is available for purchase at the Marina on the south side.

Proper Attire 

Without exception, all the trails have hills. Prepare for steep slopes and inclines by wearing close-toed shoes, like hiking boots, and comfortable clothing. Most of trails are also used as truck trails, so the trails are plenty wide and usually pretty smooth. They also can be dirt, gravel or in some places asphalt.


Watch for wildlife, particularly rattlesnakes, in the spring and summer months. Learn what to do during encounters with rattlesnakes and how to avoid them.

General Safety Precautions

The mobile phone reception at Los Vaqueros is inconsistent. It’s best to review our Trails Map (PDF) and familiarize yourself with the call box locations, in case of emergency.