Special District

Empty hContra Costa Water District is a Special District

Contra Costa Water District is a local service agency known as a special district. We provide the vital service of keeping the water flowing to our community. Being a special district allows us to have a single well-defined focus to meet a specific need.

Special districts have legislative bodies, like our Board of Directors, whose members are either elected by the people they serve or appointed to fixed terms. Our Directors are elected to four-year terms by customers.

Special districts hold regularly scheduled public meetings where citizens are encouraged to ask questions and provide feedback on the services they've received. These meetings enable a district's leadership to stay informed about community needs, evaluate public perception of district performance, and ensure that current and future needs are met.

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TransparencySDLF Transparency Certificate

In addition to our open public meetings and publicly elected Board, we strive to demonstrate our transparency and commitment to being open and accessible to our community through all of our District efforts. As such, we are honored to be a recipient of the Transparency Certificate of Excellence in 2022. This biennial award helps us share our transparency efforts with our customers and community. We were the first agency to receive the SDLF Transparency Certificate in 2013 and have continued to receive the biennial award ever since.
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