Mission Statement

The mission of the Contra Costa Water District is to strategically provide a reliable supply of high quality water at the lowest cost possible, in an environmentally responsible manner.

In fulfilling our mission, we will:

  • Responsibly serve the public
  • Provide District employees a safe and healthy work environment
  • Ensure fair and equitable rates and charges
  • Work cooperatively with local, regional, state and federal agencies
  • Practice ethical behavior
  • Ensure an open process
  • Ensure equal opportunity and diversity in personnel matters and contracting

District Goals

  1. Provide for a safe and healthy workplace and encourage efforts to exemplify a “world class” safety organization.
  2. Create and maintain a work environment that fosters teamwork, individual excellence, and a high level of professionalism and efficiency.
  3. Ensure that the District delivers high quality and reliable water supplies for current and future needs.
  4. Operate, maintain, and protect District facilities in a safe and cost-effective manner.
  5. Protect public safety and water quality while managing and maintaining the District and United States Bureau of Reclamation’s natural and recreation resources.
  6. Plan, design, and construct high quality facilities consistent with District needs and industry standards.
  7. Effectively manage the District’s financial resources in conformance with Board policies.
  8. Provide excellent customer service and high levels of customer satisfaction.
  9. Actively enhance effective community relations and public information.
  10. Provide leadership in local, regional, state and federal water affairs, protecting customers and investments.

Key Performance Measures

Our Board of Directors uses these measures as a summary tool for assessing the District's progress with its milestones in improving service in a cost-effective way.

  • Employee Safety: Achieve a continued downward trend in the number of calendar year recordable accidents and lost work days by reducing frequency rates for occupational injuries each year to be 10 percent less than the District’s three-year rolling average, and not to exceed the previous calendar year’s goal.
  • Customer Service: Maintain customer satisfaction ratings of “good” or “excellent” 90 percent of the time, on a satisfaction scale from poor to excellent.
  • Water Production: Manage water production cost increases at less than the rate of inflation.
  • Water Quality/Reliability: Ensure water system operations are conducted in a manner that does not result in reportable California Department of Public Health or environmental citations or violations. Manage system operations to reduce service interruptions.
  • Capital Projects: Ensure all District costs for administration, planning, design and construction management on completed projects be less than the District’s five-year rolling average without reducing quality or performance.
  • Productivity: Maintain or reduce ratio of labor cost to revenue. Maintain or increase ratio of capital assets to staff.