For customers who are in the process of a proposed disconnection of service due to non-payment, the following is our procedure for water shutoffs in compliance with Senate Bill 998 (SB-998).

7-Day Disconnection Notices 

Accounts with balances that are at least 120 days past-due will receive a 7-Day Disconnection Notice (Notice) on a Monday or the first business day of the week. The Notice will be placed on the primary entrance to the building, or front gate if necessary. The customer can make payment arrangements for the past-due account balance by contacting the Contra Costa Water District (District) at 925-688-8040 or by visiting in person at the District Center location before the disconnection date. At a minimum, a partial payment must be posted to the account before the 7-business day period has expired if customers have not set up future payment arrangements. 

If the past-due balance is not paid by Friday of the week the Notice was delivered, the District will attempt to contact the customer via phone or email. When applicable, voicemails will be left specifying the balance of the account and the date of impending disconnection. If the customer has not paid the past-due balance on the account or made payment arrangements with the District, water service will be disconnected on the following Wednesday, seven business days after the Notice was delivered. 

When the Customer Service Field Representative arrives at the residence or business for the disconnection, the customer will be presented with a last-chance option of paying the account balance without being disconnected. If no response, water service will be disconnected, and a door-hanger will be left at the primary entrance to the service location. The door hanger will specify the amount that will need to be paid to have water service restored. This amount will include a disconnection and subsequent reconnection fee in accordance with the District’s Code of Regulations section 5.52.040 & 5.52.050. 

If a new tenant, landlord, or homeowner has moved into a property and water service was never canceled by the previous customer resulting in a past-due account and Notice delivery, the new customer will need to provide documentation that they are now the current occupant of the residence. This can be satisfied with either: 1) a signed lease agreement clearly stating both parties’ names, the property address, and the start/end dates of the lease, or 2) escrow documents showing the property purchase date, property address, and both selling/buying parties. 

Past Due Notices (active accounts) 

As time permits, Past Due Notices will be mailed to customers that are either 120 days past-due, or 90 days past-due that have not posted a payment in at least four months. These notices are only issued once per month and give customers three weeks from the date of the Past Due Notice to post a payment or make payment arrangements. If the customer has not paid the past-due balance on the account or made payment arrangements by the due date on the letter, the 7-Day Disconnection Notice process will begin.  

Final Notices (closed accounts) 

Each month, accounts that were closed 2-months prior (i.e. Final Notices sent in March will cover accounts closed January 1 - January 31) will either: 1) have their balance transferred to another active account in the same customer’s name, or 2) be issued a Final Notice specifying a 3-week due date and the total account balance. If the account balances are not paid in full by the due date on the Final Notice, the District will attempt to contact the customer by phone or email to collect the outstanding balance. Approximately 1-2 weeks after the due-date of the Final Notice, the accounts with outstanding balances will be referred to an outside collection agency. The collection agency will attempt to collect the debt on behalf of the District using all available collection methods which may impact the customer’s credit score. 

Bill Appeal Process

Customers may appeal charges or dispute a bill by submitting a request in writing. Upon receipt of such a request, the Customer Service Supervisor, or their designee, will conduct an investigation. The investigation will include a review of meter readings, historical use, account notes, and lease/rental agreements or escrow documents when applicable. The District will respond in writing within ten business days of the appeal request. 

Annual Shutoffs

Effective February 1, 2020, Senate Bill 998 (SB-998) requires an urban and community water system to report the number of annual discontinuations of residential service for inability to pay on its website. In 2023, Contra Costa Water District shut off 405 residential customers due to non-payment, 341 of which were back in service in less than one (1) business day.

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