Encroachment and Special Use Permits

General Permits, Licenses, and Easements

For information related to permits, licenses, and easements, please call our Property Division Staff at 925-688-8076 or 925-688-8162 or email us.

Submit permit requests by mail to:

Contra Costa Water District
Real Property Division
Attention Real Property Specialist
P.O. Box H2O
Concord, CA 94524-2099

Telecommunication Lease Information

We have an established telecommunication leasing program that allows telecommunication companies to install facilities at District-owned sites provided that:

  • The telecommunication facilities do not interfere with District operations.
  • The telecommunication carrier obtains any conditional use permit or other land use approvals required by the city or county with jurisdiction over the site.
  • The District and the telecommunication carrier are able to agree on terms for a lease.

Los Vaqueros Special Use Permits

For special use permit assistance at Los Vaqueros, please call the Watershed Office at 925-240-2360. 

Submit special use permit requests by mail to:

Contra Costa Water District
Los Vaqueros Watershed
Attention Watershed Clerk
P.O. Box H20
Concord, CA 94524-2099