Dormant / Inactive Meters

An account is considered inactive / closed and subject to Facility Reserve Charge (FRC) fees if no monthly water service and usage charges have been paid for periods greater than one year.

Letter of Notification

As a courtesy to the customers, the District will generally send out a certified letter to the property owners with inactive accounts after the first 10 months. The letter will inform the property owner that the water account has been inactive and will be closed if the property owner elects not to pay the monthly water service fee. If the account is re-activated prior to the one year deadline FRC fees will not be assessed.

The District is not responsible for receipt of communication of these requirements to any current or future owner(s) or interest(s).


Accounts closed for nonpayment or inactivity will incur FRC fees that must be paid before the account is re-activated. The property owner is responsible for all FRC fees assessed against the property, regardless of if the property is owner occupied or a rental.

When title to a property is transferred and the previous owner closed the water account, the new owner has the responsibility to pay any and all FRC fees associated with the property, prior to receiving water service. It is the property owner and his / her agent’s responsibility to disclose this material fact to the future owner.

FRC fees are assessed annually. The property owner should call the District's Customer Service department to obtain an accurate figure to re-activate the account.


The purpose of the FRC payment is to ensure that the District can continue to supply its customers with a reliable source of high quality water. The District constantly maintains and makes improvements to its water delivery systems in an effort to achieve this goal; part of each customer’s monthly water bill is used to pay for this considerable expense.

A property that has an inactive or closed account is no longer contributing to the ongoing need to maintain the system. An FRC fee paid by each property owner ensures that each property that is a part of the District’s water delivery system is paying their fair share, to maintain reliable and high quality water services.

Calculations Based on 2023 FRC Fees

Fee TypeCost
Current FRC Fee$24,034
FRC for Previous Period (2022)$23,340
Effective April 1, 2023

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