Steps to Participate

Step 1

Please read the Program Terms and Conditions and the Frequently Asked Questions to ensure you fully understand the program eligibility and rules.  Once you have read and understand the documents, fill out the application online.

Please do not start your project until you have received your authorization from CCWD. 

Step 2

The District will review the application to determine if the site is eligible and calculate the square footage of the front lawn area(s). CCWD may conduct a pre-project inspection. 

Step 3
If eligible, CCWD will send a Notice to Proceed letter, which states the area of lawn measured. You may now start your project.  Generally, CCWD provides six months for you to complete your project. 

Step 4
Consider using CCWD’s Landscape Design Assistance Program to help you with your project.  Also consider using CCWD’s Drip Irrigation Design Assistance coupon to get professional help designing your new drip system. 

Step 5
When you complete your project, visit to request a review of your finished project.  You will need to answer a series of questions about your project and upload photos of your new landscape.  CCWD will review the project to verify it was completed according to the Program Terms and Conditions and determine the final rebate amount.  CCWD may visit your property to verify that your project was completed according to the Program’s Terms and Conditions.  When approved, CCWD will mail you the rebate check.

If you have questions please give us a call at (925) 688-8320.  Thank you for joining the many customers who have decided to Lose a Lawn and Get a Garden!