Customer Payment Assistance

Need help with your water bill?

Below are programs to assist customers with paying their water bills. To discuss your particular circumstances or for more information about the program below, call 925-688-8000.

Empty headLow Income Household Water Assistance Program

The Low Income Household Water Assistance Program (LIHWAP) is a program that offers a one-time payment to help you pay your residential water bill. This program is administered through the California Department of Community Services & Development. Learn more about LIHWAP.

Lifeline Water Rate Program

Contra Costa Water District offers a lifeline water rate program for low-income customers who are over the age of 62 or receiving permanent disability insurance benefits from the Social Security Administration. The lifeline water rate program reduces the daily service charge by 50% to qualifying customers. Call 925-688-8000 with questions.

Program Eligibility

To qualify for the lifeline water rate program, applicants who meet the age or disability requirements must also have household incomes less than the levels listed in the table below. These levels are consistent with income limitations set for Contra Costa County by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Apply for the Program

Fill out the application:

Mail the application to: 

Contra Costa Water District
Lifeline Program
P.O. Box H20
Concord, CA 94524

Lifeline Water Rate Program Income Eligibility

Number in HouseholdAnnual Gross 
Income Allowed*
Eight or More$97,650
*As of May 15, 2023