Water Wise House Call

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the COVID-19 emergency, our in-person Water Wise House Calls are on hold until further notice. Learn more about our new Water Wise Phone Consultations below.

Water Wise Phone Consultations

We are now offering Water Wise Phone Consultations to CCWD customers!

We are offering a personalized call to assist you with questions you may have regarding your water consumption, leaks, and indoor and outdoor water conservation best practices.

Here are a few of the types of subjects discussed during the consultations:

  • Tips to help you avoid high water bills
  • Indoor water efficiency
  • Leak detection
  • Landscape water efficiency
  • Lawn to Garden conversions
  • How to monitor your water use
  • Commercial Properties

Call (925) 688-8320 to request an appointment. 

Please be prepared with the following information:

  • Water account number and service address
  • Phone number and email address for the person who will be on the phone
  • Any water use issues: i.e. leaks, sudden increase in water use, etc.
  • Number of bathrooms and toilets in the property
  • Number of floors, dwelling units and when applicable, type and locations of business
  • Outdoor landscaping: the approximate square footage of the irrigated landscape and whether it is watered by hand or by an irrigation system

Water Wise House Calls

Contra Costa Water District is pleased to offer residential customers in our service area a Water Wise House Call, a personalized program to identify potential water savings at your residence. This free service educates customers about the benefits of using water as efficiently as possible. 

During the Water Wise House Call, a CCWD Water Conservation Technician will:

  • Evaluate your irrigation system and provide watering suggestions
  • Demonstrate how to check your toilets for leaks
  • Explain how to read your meter so you can monitor your water use
  • Provide tips and suggestions to help you avoid high water bills

Water Wise House Calls are offered Monday through Friday and typically last 90 minutes.

Schedule your appointment by calling (925) 688-8320.