Backflow Prevention

To safeguard public health by protecting your water supply from possible contamination, the District requires installation of backflow prevention devices where plumbing systems are exposed to potential contamination or poorer quality water. In the event of a malfunction in consumer pressure equipment and/or a sudden drop in pressure in the District system, these devices prevent water which has already left the District system from being siphoned back in, guarding the system from possible pollution.

If such a situation exists on your property, or you'd like more information about the regulations concerning the District's backflow prevention program, please call 925-688-8095.

While CCWD has an inspection program to identify situations requiring backflow prevention devices, conditions can change (you might have dug a well on your property, for example) and we need to be made aware if this is the case, for your own safety and the safety of others.

Examples of Protective Devices

Some examples of where protective devices (such as double check valve assemblies) are required are:
  • Residences with an additional water supply (such as a well or the canal)
  • Swimming pools or irrigation systems supplied by a separate water service or without a satisfactory air gap or anti-siphon device on the inlet line
  • Buildings with internal booster pumps systems
  • Buildings three stories or more
  • Premises where there are hazardous materials under pressure or where toxic materials are used (hospitals, mortuaries, etc.)
  • Sewage pumping or treatment plants

Distribution of Protective Devices

The backflow prevention devices are supplied and installed by the District at the customer's expense. District inspectors test these devices annually to make sure they're operating properly, and repair or replace any failed or improperly functioning device. A small bimonthly service charge is paid for each service connection that has a check valve. These check valve service charges help fund the routine maintenance and repair of check valves.

Device / Installation Fees

The following fees are from the CCWD Code of Regulations:
  • Double Check Valve: ¾” - 1” cost is $356.00 - $388.00 depending on size
  • Reduced Pressure Principal Device : ¾” - 1” cost estimated at $707.00 - $756.00
Please contact CCWD Customer Service at (925) 688-8044 for a price quote or for pricing on larger connections.