Canal Safety

Be Safe Around the Contra Costa Canal

The Contra Costa Canal is a 48-mile aqueduct constructed in the 1930s and 40s to meet agricultural and industrial needs of the time. Throughout its 80-plus years, the area surrounding the canal has become urbanized, which means the canal runs through neighborhoods where we live and go to school. The fence around the canal is there to keep our communities safe.

Canal Safety Tips

  1. NO climbing the fence.
  2. NO fishing.
  3. NO swimming. 

Even if you see a person, pet, or object in the canal, never jump in to rescue them – call 911 instead. 

Watch our canal safety video below, featuring Natalie Coughlin, Olympic Gold-Medal Winner, for more details on staying safe along the Contra Costa Canal.

Canal Safety Flyer

Teach children about canal safety. View our Canal Safety Flyer - available in English and Spanish.

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