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California is experiencing drought following two critically dry years - locally and statewide. Wise investments in local storage at Los Vaqueros Reservoir and our customers' strong conservation ethic are helping us through this drought. However, we all must look for ways to conserve now. The Contra Costa Water District Board of Directors endorsed a Stage 1 water shortage level and is now asking customers to voluntarily reduce water use by up to 10% from 2020 water use. See resources below to help you continue using water wisely! Plus, check out our water saving tips videos.

  1. This New Year, Let's Resolve to Conserve in Contra Costa

    With the ongoing drought across California, water conservation should be on everyone’s list of New Year’s resolutions. And of all the resolutions on your list, you might find conserving water is the easiest one to keep! Learn how with My Water Report. Additional Info...
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  • Report water waste you've observed in the community
  • Call 925-688-8374 if you notice a water leak in the street or a broken fire hydrant

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