Classroom Presentations

For Teachers
If you're interested in any Contra Costa Water District Water Education Program, please contact us by phone at 925-688-8109 or via email. You can also submit an entry form.

Class Structures
All classes are designed to support grade level state curriculum standards. All classes cover grade appropriate information on water sources, treating water for health and safety, and source protection and conservation.
3rd Grade
Presentations address the properties of water. Why is water so important? What makes water different from other matter? Where is water located on the earth and in what states? Presentation includes a water treatment demonstration and water conservation video. (60 minute class)

4th Grade
Presentations cover how geography of California influences water in the state. How gold rush miners used water and water's importance to California's economy. Includes hands on map exercises, role play and discuss water distribution issues, and view California water history video. (75 minute class)

5th Grade
Presentations address water cycle and drinking water treatment. Students discover the forms and location of water around the world and then actively role play water molecules as they move through the water cycle. Students discuss the origin of water used in the community, view a video on water treatment, and participate in a water treatment demonstration. (75 minute class)

Program Cost
All classroom programs are offered at no cost to participating schools within the Contra Costa Water District service area.

Important Note
These classes stand on their own, but are especially effective when done in conjunction with the water treatment plant tour or the Watershed Connection visit.