Emergency Preparedness

How CCWD prepares our community for an emergency

As water service providers, we take reliability seriously. CCWD continually plans and prepares for emergencies so we can continue providing water to our community.

  • Dam safetyFault Crossing Topline
  • Preparing for planned electrical outages
  • Wildfire Safety – CCWD plans and prepares for wildfires at our facilities as well as at the Los Vaqueros Watershed by managing vegetation and creating fire breaks to help contain the impacts if a wildfire starts.
  • Earthquake Preparedness – Strategically placed bypass connections were constructed along the Concord fault so crews can quickly restore service to critical facilities.

How you can prepare your family for water emergencies

Following a natural disaster or other emergency, it's important to have an emergency supply of water stored at home. We recommend following FEMA's Guide to Storing and Treating Water for an Emergency

If your tap water is compromised due to an emergency, under the direction of the State of California Division of Drinking Water, CCWD will issue a boil water notice with instructions to make your water safe to drink. Boil water notices are typically issued when an unexpected condition has caused a potential for biological contamination of water in a public water system. Common reasons for a boil water notice include unplanned loss of pressure in the distribution system, loss of disinfection, and other unexpected water quality problems. We will also inform you when water quality monitoring shows that water is safe to drink and you no longer need to boil your water. 

Call our Water Quality Hotline at 925-688-8156 for more information, or if it's an emergency, call 925-688-8374.

Preparing for other emergencies at home

We encourage customers to be prepared at home as well. See the latest recommendations from the resources below: