Drip Irrigation & Maintenance

Sprinkler-to-Drip Retrofit: A Step by Step Guide

This guide will show you how to convert an existing area that is currently watered by sprinklers to one that is watered by drip.

Irrigation Connection Graphic

This graphic shows the components of an irrigation connection including the shut-off valve, irrigation valve, filter, and pressure regulator for a drip system.

Irrigation Assistance Resources

Includes information on local irrigation equipment suppliers, manufacturers that offer assistance with irrigation controllers, and websites offering design assistance for do-it-yourself irrigation design projects.

Drip Irrigation Design Assistance Coupon

Please note: this coupon is only for participants in CCWD’s Lawn to Garden Rebate program.  Participants need to have received a Notice to Proceed letter to use this coupon.

In-Line Drip Irrigation Layouts

In-line drip irrigation is considered the best irrigation product available. In-Line Drip has emitters built into the wall of the drip tubing, which eliminates the chance of emitters being broken off. This means it lasts for a long long time. Check out the link for advice on how to lay out your system.

Irrigation Tutorials
This link goes to the web's mother lode of free irrigation information!  Here you will find tutorials on every aspect of irrigation. The website is presented by Jess Striker, a Landscape Architect who is well know for his expertise on irrigation.